Blogging by email –

Now posting or sharing information on blog is much easier with Whether you are passionate about writing, information seeking, or sharing information like pictures and videos, or sometimes you want to simply share email forwards, in such cases Whatevermail is the best platform for you. Whateveremail is all about simply posting content by email.

As the name suggests,  Whatevermail is an interactive blog helping users to publish anything and everything easily by email.

You can

  • write and publish your own articles
  • write your articles on any subject and generate traffic to your website
  • critique the latest movies you watch
  • share photos and vidoes
  • ask questions and find answers
  • share your any experiences
  • simply share forward emails

You can do all of this easily from an email without having trouble managing and posting content online.

But why post by email?

Users are often struggled to remember too many usernames and passwords to manage various online accounts. With What Ever Mail Blog, you don’t need to Login each time to post and manage content on the blog.

Write your article and simply post by sending an email from the registered email address to


Things to remember before you start posting

  1. To share information by email, you need to register with and post content from the same email address you register with.
  2. Format and beautify your content within tthe compose box of your email itself.
  3. Your Username and Password are needed only when you want to edit, manage and delete your content.

Register yourself for free and start sharing content!