Myth#3 “Her Marriage Is Perfect.”


We woman are always tempted to fantasise about a “perfect” world. We fantasise that someone else’s marriage is perfect and if only like hers, our lives would be perfect too. But that’s a myth. What we see is only the good part. Marriage that looks all perfect also has a darker side.

What we see is…..

 Her husband compliments her in public. He has a great job, provides with all comfortable lifestyle. They have beautiful home in a gated neighbourhood, drive new Lexus, have a beautiful baby boy. 

But what we dont see is …

What her husband does when he is stressed, he gets angry.  He keeps a mental list of all things she does wrong in his eyes. We don’t see behind closed doors, he calls her stupid, incompetent. He’d punch holes in walls that she carefully covers with framed prints. We don’t see his rages.

We know nothing that..

She gets angry on herself. This is her second marriage, and she told herself that she would never go through another divorce. She only wishes she was as naive about her problems as everyone else seems to be.

There are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people. And when we compare with others, they are more than few problems.

  1. Fantasies are selective. Envy focuses on only good part of person’s life:  car, marriage, career, clothes, riches, children, home….
  2. Fantasies thrive on miss information. When we think someones’s life is perfect, we never know the serious hidden issues.
  3. Fantasies of perfection prevent us from realistically working on our own problems and make emotional progress.
  4. We do each other a terrible disservice by believing, feeding, envying and perpetuating the lie of a perfect life.

Lets stop believing lie that some else marriage is perfect. Instead lets seek Gods’ vision to see things like He does. A successful marriage requires a vision greater than itself, a vision that is beyond earthly limitations and confusions.


Inspired from woman’s bible- True Identity. 

Sharing the word for all woman across the globe to help  become who you are in Christ.